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Brief introduction to the selection of Core Outcome Sets

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Document titleBrief introduction to the selection of Core Outcome Sets
Related ProjectDO_IT
DeliverableD2.2 Toolkit for the identification, selection, and measurement of outcomes in real world settings for BD4BO projects
Author(s)NICE, LSE
One line summaryA brief on the selection of core outcome sets (COS), giving an overview of existing initiatives, the importance of including stakeholders and the consensus process.
SummaryThe DO-IT project aims to provide guidance to BD4BO projects and is developing a toolkit to support current and future projects in ‘the identification, selection, and measurement of outcomes in real-world settings’. Agreed standardised sets of outcomes are known as ‘core outcome sets’ (COS). These sets of outcomes are the agreed minimum standardised set of outcomes that should be measured and reported in trials or other research on a specific condition. Until full guidance is provided in the form of a toolkit, we have created this summary to inform projects which are currently undertaking work in the standardisation of outcomes. This includes an overview of why there is a need for COS, existing initiatives in determining COS, stakeholders who may be involved in developing COS and methods used.
Creation date01-09-2017
Content CategoryOutcomes selection and prioritisation
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